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“Firms Experience 18% Employee Turnover Annually”-Human Capital Benchmarking Report

In the digital world, where there is no shortage of opportunities, employee retention has become a continuous challenge for employers. They go through all the hassle of reviewing CVs, conducting interviews of candidates, training, and onboarding them for months, hoping to put their skills to use, only to lose them to a rival company.

On average, every company experiences An 18% Turnover In Its Workforce each year. There are many reasons why that is happening. Overwhelming workload, lack of recognition, poor benefits, the list goes on and on. To ensure your employees do not join a rival company, here are six proven ways to improve employee retention.

  1. Encourage a good work-life balance

In the old times, employees were mainly motivated by monetary incentives. They were willing to exhaust themselves to earn whatever they could to provide for their families. Nowadays, employees strive to create a work-life balance and expect their managers to offer them benefits that improve their overall quality of life. You, too, can encourage a stable work-life balance in your employees, so the thought of leaving the firm never crosses their minds.

  • Offer proper orientation and onboarding

When a recruit joins a firm, they are always self-conscious about making any mistakes. They are usually unsure about what is expected of them within the first week of joining. Most managers make the mistake of assuming that a recruit hired through a Top Recruiting Firm would fit seamlessly into their company without any orientation or onboarding. Without onboarding, newcomers will never feel welcomed, and they may ghost the company without notice. Therefore, make sure that as a manager, you make every effort to get the fresh recruits on board properly and address all their concerns as they are brought up. This way, you have a higher chance of retaining that employee for a long time.

  • Appreciate their efforts

An employee’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated in the workplace. Just like an automobile needs fuel to run, employees need occasional doses of appreciation to stay motivated and do their best. When you compliment your employees for a job well done, they feel valued and strive to do better than before. This not only improves the chances of employee retention but also boosts the company’s overall productivity.

  • Create growth opportunities

Whether hiring an employee yourself or consulting Top Staffing Agencies for this purpose, if you do not offer opportunities in the form of promotions and benefits, they might look for better opportunities elsewhere and be likely to hand you their resignation. To ensure that doesn’t happen, keep your employees motivated through an occasional bonus or a promotion, so they do not consider leaving your firm for greener pastures. It is imperative that you get excellent staffing services to ensure the onboarding of the Best Employees for Your Firm who are always committed to the company.

  • Keep effective managers

Managers are usually given the task of getting trainees on board. Newcomers look up to them as a source of guidance and inspiration. If the managers are arrogant or they do not show interest in their job, the negative energy could be transmitted to the new recruits as well. As a result, they are divided of all optimism and look for a way out of the company. Therefore, it is imperative that you have influential managers within your ranks who inspire hope in newcomers and pave the way for them to give their best for the company. Speaking of managers, Leading Recruitment Agencies offer exceptional Executive Staffing services for vacant managerial positions that ensure new recruits are on boarded effectively and with hospitality. 

The Rundown

Every company looks to hire skilled and efficient employees to take them to the top. But finding talent that not only proves to be an asset but also sticks around for a long time can be a rigorous task. We at Staff4Success provide such talent for hire. All our recruiters are pre-trained and fully committed to bringing something unique to your company. Get in touch with us today!

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