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How To Enable Smart Hiring With Staffing Agencies?

Many companies are facing the issue of constant firing due to ill employment and, as a result, are wasting their prolific time in hiring for the same vacant position repetitively. To avoid this problem of frequent hiring, not only startups but also established firms are working with staffing agencies to fill their C-suites or most crucial positions, such as payroll administrators.

There are many staffing agencies that have been working in the industry for an extended period of time, providing executive recruitment services and helping companies hire the most potential employees for specific job roles like PEO. According to the American Staffing Association’s stats, staffing industries provide jobs and career opportunities for about 16 million employees per year.

How do they do it?

You may hear a lot about staffing agencies and their working pattern but might not be sure how exactly they work and what benefits any company can get from working with them. Well, it is important to understand how staffing agencies operate before choosing any of them to work with. Many reputable executive firms have embraced a smooth process to eliminate the hassles of searching for vacant positions while ensuring to bring the deserving applicants in front of the right eyes.

Staffing agencies' working pattern

All the staffing agencies work with a proper procedure that is divided into five steps which are:

• Strong Groundwork

At first, the employment agencies reach out to those companies which are looking to hire workers and require to outsource their hiring process of the company. After staffing agencies understand those companies’ requirements, including experience, qualifications, skills, qualities, average salary rate, and ideal timeline, they commence the preparations of searching and hiring. They draw up job descriptions and post available career-making openings on different social media sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, creating opportunities for many professions, including HR staffing, utilizing social media on various platforms. Sometimes the agency even connects with the talent on their professional IDs to recruit them. Through effective groundwork and efficient hiring, staffing agencies contribute a massive part to the revenue of the industry by reducing the yearly turnover rate. The Statista Research Department supports the claim that the share of executive firms operating globally is 55.4% of the industry’s total revenue.

• Targeted Search Process

The position the executive firms are hiring for always remains in their mind, so they consider those employees who are the most suitable to fit for critical positions, such as Regional Managers and Directors of Sales. It is precisely what staffing agencies do with job seekers. They approach them, know their expectations, and help them sign the appropriate designations and the right company

• Proficient Pre-screening

It is the most important step of the working procedure of staffing agencies. According to Google, 80% of recruitment firms do this part potentially to set out the applicant’s resume or CV to narrow down the pool according to qualifications, skills, and credibility after they apply for the posts or job ads, etcetera. Then agencies reach out to competent applicants and schedule their screening interviews so they can select or hire the best for the related job roles. Some of the agencies choose candidates for themselves from the given options to close the available jobs in staffing industry.

• Elementary Introduction

After the pre-screening procedural interviews, the agencies introduce deserving candidates to the client or company to ensure that applicants are up to the mark and fulfill all the company’s requirements so that they can close the open positions.

• Smooth Onboarding

After making the decision to hire talent, the job is not yet done for recruiting agencies. It is imperative that they take care of all the paperwork required at the time of onboarding, including signing the contract, checking the tax forms, assuring social security, examining backgrounds, and doing the needful that is mandatory for smooth payroll processing.

Choosing the Right Firm!

If you are planning to work with one of the job agencies, selecting the correct one can be critical for you since there are many agencies that are working in the staffing industry, claiming to be the best. Therefore, it is recommended to do your research before making any decision and consider only a specialized firm that fits your needs.

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