How are staffing agencies helping most companies

Staffing Industries Provide 16 million Employees Yearly – How?

A huge demand from most companies for cost-effective candidate hiring is boosting the growth of the staffing and recruiting industry. Staffing agencies are becoming more extensive, sophisticated, and probably more varied by the day than most people realize.

How are staffing agencies helping most companies?

With each passing year, hiring staffing agencies to lock critical positions has become more popular among businesses. Staffing agencies support companies in bridging their skill gaps, allowing for greater cost flexibility and helping companies avoid such situations where they might be understaffed. In fact, it provides career opportunities to almost 16 million employees per year, as per a study by American Staffing Association. These recruiting agencies recognize competent candidates as reliable employees, allowing them to adapt with incredible speed to a changing work environment. Here are three important facts about how staffing industries are able to do mass hiring every year.

Facts Surrounding Staffing Industries

They have been around for a long time

The extreme lack of talent and the increase of open positions created a need for the birth of the first-ever staffing agency back in the 1940s. The staffing industry continued to grow, and today there are staffing firms specializing in almost every industry, placing workers in a wide variety of highly-skilled positions such as VP of tax, implementation manager, and C-suites executives.

They are growing continuously

The dynamic shift we’ve seen in recent years of the permanent workforce working from nine to five to a flexible, on-demand workforce has resulted in a massive growth of the staffing industry. With the rise of the contingent workforce, there are more recruiting firms placing eligible workers for many companies than ever before—and the numbers are only anticipated to increase.

They provide highly-skilled workers

Companies do not only hire employment agencies to find competent employees on their own; instead, they have a myriad of reasons to work with staffing agencies, such as better connections, negotiation assistance, and the opportunity to dive into a vast pool of talent. Top staffing agencies have wide networks jam-packed with skilled and highly experienced talented individuals that can fill the most crucial vacant positions, such as risk managers, directors of sales, and regional managers.

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